Camp Integem 2022
#1 AR Camp for K-12 Students
STEM|Coding|AI|Game Design|Art|Animation |Fashion|Design

Take summer camp… and make it magic. Camp Integem is a unique experience for K-12 students who love STEM, Art, Coding, AI, Design, Fashion, Animation, or Gaming to turn your imagination into cutting-edging designs. Teleport into your creation to experience the magic of your Holographic AR design and prepare you for future success, all the while having a lot of fun!

No Prior computer, art or design knowledge is needed. Small classes with experienced instructors to provide personalized education. The camp alternates class time with collaborative work, indoor and outdoor playtime to keep kids on their toes and having fun.

Since 2018, we’ve taught K-12 students from more than 20 countries in-person or online. Thousands of students from over 200 local schools have joined our on-site programs in the Bay Area.

We take safety seriously. During Summers 2020 and 2021, thousands of the Bay Area students have enjoyed our in-person summer camps, and none has reported a case of COVID-19. Review the protocols implemented at Camp Integem on our FAQ page.

Spaces are limited to keep it fun, educational, and healthy.
The Magic of Camp Integem

Traditional Learning​ at Other Places​

Holographic AR Learning
at Camp Integem


Learn about planets, oceans, and the natural world via toys, pictures, PPTs, or video games.​

STEM with AR Exploration & Coding:

Teleport into planets, oceans, and natural AR world to learn STEM vividly, and code AR STEM experiences.

Art & Animation:

Draw or design digital art, animation, or 3D character. See their existence on the screen.

AR Art & Animation:

Turn your art, design, 3D characters, and animation into interactive Holographic AR experiences. Teleport into your AR designs and play with the magical things you created.

Coding and Game Design:​

Learn game design; develop Minecraft, Roblox, or other computer games, play them in the screen.

AR Coding and Game Design:

Learn AR game design; teleport into your created Minecraft, Roblox, or other game AR world. Explore and fight side-by-side with the game characters you designed.


Learn simple AI algorithms and code with toy datasets/simulated data.​

AI+AR for Intelligent Applications:

Learn in-demand AI algorithms with Nvidia AI edge-computing hardware, teleport into the magic and intelligent Holographic AR world of your design to see the power of AI.
Our Mission
Empower your child to imagine, design, and innovate with future tech
Personalized Education
We believe that each student is unique, and we tailor our education to each student's needs and interests.
8:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
Every students deserve personalized attention. Our 8:1 student-teacher ratio ensures that your child gets the individualized instruction they need.
World-Class Curriculum
A group of PhD-level engineers, scientists, and educators join MFA-level designers and artists to deliver a carefully designed and curated curriculum. Your child’s imagination will soar while they pursue a variety of fun, rewarding challenges.
Empower Students to Create
Our summer camp program includes three facets: explore, learn, and create. We want to ensure that we are teaching the whole child, and that every child is empowered to create, design, and make.
Professional & Passionate Instructors
Our instructors are trained and experienced in AR education. They all specialize in computer science, engineering, game design, art design, animation, UX/UI design, sports and/or education, ensuring your child will learn from experts who truly love what they do.
Adopted by Schools and Communities
Our AR education programs have been adopted by top-notch gifted schools, private schools, public schools, and educational organizations to provide their K-12 students in-person and online programs. Students from 20 countries have joined our AR education programs.
Featured Courses
AR Coding, STEM, AI & Game Design Camps

Students will code and design their own AR games and applications. Great for students who like coding, STEM, game design, and AI.

AR Coding—Space Voyager
AR Coding — Nature Voyager
3D AR Coding & Game Design, including:
3D AR Minecraft and 3D AR Roblox Game Design
Advanced 3D AR Coding and Muliplalyer Game Design
AI+3D AR Coding & Game Design with NVIDIA AI
AR Digital Art, Animation & Design Camps

Students will create their own AR art, animations, and shows. Great for students who like digital art, fashion, design, animation, and 3D modeling.

AR Digital Art
3D AR Fashion Maker: 3D Clothing/Texture
Interactive AR Animation with Adobe Character Animator
Advanced AR Design+Snap Lens Studio+Adobe Character Animator, including:
3D AR Minecraft and 3D AR Roblox Game Design
KG - Grades 1
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Grades 1 - 3
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Grades 3 - 5
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Grades 5 - 8
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Grades 9 - 12
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2022 Summer Camp Locations
    • South Bay

      1. Palo Alto/Menlo Park
        June 6-July 29

      2. Cupertino/Sunnyvale
        June 13-Aug. 5

      3. Campbell/Los Gatos
        June 13-Aug. 5

    • Peninsula

      1. Menlo Park/Palo Alto
        June 6-July 29

      2. Forster City/Belmont/
        San Carlos
        June 20-July 23

      3. Burlingame/Hillsborough
        June 20-Aug. 5

    • East Bay

      1. Berkeley
        June 13-July 29

      2. Fremont
        June 20-Aug. 5

    • Tri-Valley

      1. Pleasanton/Dublin/
        San Ramon
        June 13-July 29

      2. Danville/Walnut
        June 13-July 29

    • Marin Country

      1. Corte Madera/
        June 13-July 29

Camp Schedule
Summer Camp

Summer camp begins

9:00 - 9:15

Summer Camp

Class time

9:15 – 10:15

Summer Camp

Snack break and outdoor play time

10:15 - 10:45

Summer Camp

Class time

10:45 - 11:45

Summer Camp

Lunch and outdoor play time (bring your own lunch)

11:45 - 12:45

Summer Camp

Class time

12:45 - 1:45

Summer Camp

Snack break and outdoor play time

1:45 - 2:15

Summer Camp

Class time

2:15 - 3:00

Summer Camp

Summer camp ends (parents pick up campers and sign out)


Summer Camp

Optional extended care

3:00 - 5:00

Sports activities and outdoor play are part of the camp experience.

Parents love us!
Ann F.


"My three kids (12, 9, 6 yrs) loved the camp! My two boys love games, and they went to the teen and young-kid coding camps. My daughter likes art and went to junior digital art camp. I am amazed by their projects. They look forward to coming back!“

Chris J.


"I enrolled my daughter in the 2-week AR animation program. She had no computer experience, but was eager to give it a try. She loved how the teachers had a personalized “curriculum”, so she learned based on her own interests and abilities. It was a very educational and fun experience. I am sending her back to learn AR game design.“

Sandy T.


“Camp Integem turned my son from a game player into a game maker. He had learned some coding before, but was not really into it. AR coding really got him hooked. He was enormous excited to show his games to others. Strongly recommend. He will come back to learn AI.“

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